Trevor + Tabitha – a dreamy backyard wedding

Elopements and Micro

October 22, 2020

HOW DO I EVEN START THIS? Ok soooooo, heres the quick run-around. Trevor contacted me first after he saw my website, which is crazy because typically (no offense guys…) the guys don’t call me first. ANYWAY, instant connection when I met them at the juice bar (P.S. NEKTAR in C.Springs is BOMB.COM). He tells me he’s into video production and pretty much knows exactly what he’s looking for. Sweet – off to a good start.

Fast forward, Tabitha had told me previously that they were going to do this at “a friend’s house” but what they failed to mention is this gorgeous mansion was tucked in the most beautiful scenery of Monument, complete with water features….


and incredible fall colors.

They had about 20 guests, and it was the sweetest, most intimate ceremony. We ran the full crew, so photo & video for this incredible day, and I am SUPER excited to get through the video footage – because we literally made magic.

I have to say, for a ‘backyard’ wedding, it was dreamy and spectacular and they (with the help of family and friends) did an amazing job of putting everything together.

From the gorgeous floral arrangements to the perfectly fit for her dress, everything came together so seamlessly, you’d think they had been planning it to be this way for YEARS.

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