What Happens in Vegas….A Guide to Planning Your Bachelorette Party in LAS VEGAS!

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October 28, 2020

Hey Guys!

We just got back from Vegas this week and we want to share all the dets with you! While our trip was work related (we do really love to travel for work) we still got to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer. So let us give you some tips and tricks when planning your trip…..

  1. Traveling from CO? WAIT TO BUY YOUR PLANE TICKETS…… I cannot stress this enough. Frontier flies directly from CO SPGS and DEN, and the flights are dirt cheap. However, they try to make their money a few weeks in advance. The $99 tickets (one way) we bought were $38, 2 weeks before we left. The flight is short, and we assume you have at least one bridesmaid that isn’t thrilled about the cost of a plane ticket. BONUS: This might not be Vegas related- per se, but bring those noise cancelling headphones, on the way back when you’re tired and your body hurts you won’t want to listen to that sweet screaming baby.
  2. Booking your hotel….. BOOK THROUGH FRONTIER. Amen, hallelujah, you’re welcome. We stayed at Mandalay Bay (LOVE…..btw) and we booked it right after booking our flights for less than $60/night. ALL hotels charge a resort fee of $30+ per night, so keep that in mind too. Everyone else we knew traveling to LV staying in MB, paid $150 per night plus fees.
    1. Our top choices for staying:
      1. Palazzo : $$$$$$ Are you flying in on a Private Jet?
      2. Caesars : Can you say POOL PARTY!
      3. Mandalay Bay : I’m biased, because I have a weird obsession for sharks, and the shark reef was AWESOME.
      4. Bellagio : Fancy but affordable – in the right roomsBONUS: Airbnbs are many, so check to see if any rooftop penthouses are affordable while you’re traveling. Before March, and after November, is most affordable because the pools aren’t open. However, perk of MB is that the pool is open year round!
    2. Our bottom choices
      1. Mirage : We were disappointed by the Penthouse, to be honest. It was a little outdated, and not worth the extra cash.
      2. Excalibur : Same thing, outdated and old. While we felt like it had a good place on the strip, connected to Luxor and Mandalay with a Tram, I wouldn’t personally want to stay here.
  3. Ok so flight & hotel, check. Now you’ve checked in….. DON’T RENT A VEHICLE. It’s not worth it. Split the taxi fare or the uber cost, the parking cost isn’t worth it and you’ll end up spending more time & money to rent the car then you will actually driving it. Everything is close, walk off the liquid calories your consuming, take the tram from the hotels, or call an uber. First things first, once you’ve checked in- go straight to Walmart…. We’re not kidding. Go to Walmart and buy $5 champagne, wine, white claws, beer, whatever your fancy is. Drinks on site are exponential, and this will save you buckets of cash. It’s also a plus to have something to drink for the 2 hours you’ll be getting ready every night (this is not exaggerating….). While you’re at Walmart, grab NON PERISHABLES. You can almost bet you will not have access to your hotel room fridge (unless you’re willing to pay the $50/night rental fee), and if you touch anything, you’ll be paying $15 for that soda. So, leave the fridge alone, and buy chips and jerky. Load up on protein bars, bananas, and muffins, and skip breakfast or lunch. Probably buy a box of tampons too (and some ibuprofen)…..someone will need them and they are $$$$ onsite. BUT HOW WILL YOU KEEP YOUR DRINKS COLD? Grab a few trash bags from house keeping and head to the ice machine (thanks for the idea, concierge) and fill your tub with ice. It kept our drinks cold for 4 days. Granted, your weirdo friend that wants to take a bath is now stuck with showers only, but hey- cold drinks are worth the sacrifice.
  4. Finally, the best part….NIGHTLIFE. I love Vegas after dark. The lights, the overpriced shows, walking in stilettos for miles…… We’re just kidding, it’s not THAT bad, but your feet will need a massage from fiancé when you get home. I’m going to start by ranking our favorite 10:30pm-4am places, and go from there….
    1. Hakkasan – MGM Grand… SO I might be biased but this was by far the coolest. We saw a killer group of DJ’s- Cash Cash perform and the ceiling is a crazy series of light geometrics. HOWEVER, the way the club is split, it’s hard to get in with the VIPs because of the separation…stay tuned for that.
    2. Omnia – Caesars …. Loved the Omnia. This is what started our hoo-rah of free VIP bottle service treatment. Lots of business men here, willing to pay top dollar for alcohol, and only care about the appearance of their VIP section. Best night-time DJ music…
    3. 1OAK – Mirage …. Open like the Omnia, so it’s easy to get acquainted with all types of people. But I didn’t like how pushy the bouncers were and the music wasn’t my favorite. It’s a little “trashier” than the Omnia and Hakkasan- hence the poles above the VIP sections
    4. Jewel – Aria ….. HOLY MOLY DRINK PRICES. $50 for 2 bevs…..I’ll pass. It was Mardi Gras so we walked into a packed club, which might have been part of my dislike, but I wasn’t a fan of feeling like I was stuck in a cage. All dancing/VIP is pretty much on the same level, and it just feels overly crowded. The bar was overwhelmed, and it took far too long to get a bartenders attention.Above is the breakdown of the clubs we enjoyed, but the doors don’t open until between 10PM-11PM. Hence the before dinner drinks in your room while getting ready. Don’t feel like drinking in the room? Hit the casino floor- if you’re playing you drink for free. But tip the ladies, they are working hard. BONUS: Only bring down the amount you want to spend in cash each night. It’s too easy to lose $40 in 3 minutes. On a budget? .01 slots all the way. You probably won’t win much, but losing will take longer and you’ll drink for free- The wait is long, bring your white claw or your wine down to the floor….they don’t care. There is not 1 single reason you should pay to get in to the club……EXCEPT MAYBE on Saturday, or if there is some big shot performing. VIP areas are stocked with club promoters looking to fill up. If you find one, you’re set the whole week. TIP: Before you go, start tagging your pictures and hash tagging #Lasvegas #lasvegasstrip and the promoters might come to you. Some nights they’ll have bottle service for you, and some nights it’ll just be VIP entry. But either way, you’re in. DRESS TO IMPRESS. I could say that 5 more times to stress it’s importance. Dress like the cover is $60. Wear the heels and the lashes. What not to do? Don’t wear the jeans, and go for the midi over the crop top. Club promoters want to show off the people they brought in, and your outfit is going to speak volumes.
  5. The Random Things That Don’t Fit in a Category…..
    1. ALWAYS keep an eye on your drink. Club promoters don’t usually want to see you on the floor, but watch them pour every time. If you set it down, new glass. Don’t take a drink from anyone.
    2. BLOWFISH. Just go buy it (CVS or Walgreens or Amazon). Drink it before bed, and probably again in the morning. It saved our lives on a few occasions.
    3. Designate a picture taker, or you will all forget. Choose nights, and make that person in charge of snaps, pictures, videos, and SM posting.
    4. Turn on your locations. You can do this through snap or text. This will prevent any “Hangover” situations. Share your location with your group so everyone knows where you are. Just don’t lose your phone.
    5. Vegas might be for gambling, but I’m personally happy I didn’t come home $500 out of pocket. Take $100, or $50, when you lose it, walk away. There are so many other things to do.
    6. The shows are EXPEEEEENSIVE. You really want to see something? Groupon or resellers are your best friend. They are all over the strip.
    7. Something we learned the hard way…. Bring foldable flats. Holy moly, my feet were going to fall off my body. Foldable flats, stick them in your purse and you can wear them to and from dinner, the club, the casino. Easy and quick, and will absolutely save your feet.
    8. Ask for an upgrade when you check in. I thought that was silly, and our friend asked shamelessly and they bumped us up to strip view on floor 23 for no charge. Can’t complain about that!
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