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Kim + Adam, Aspen Mountain Top

Elopements and Micro

October 8, 2020

Adam contacted me a few weeks before their elopement, and I have to say, I’ve never had a groom know so specifically, exactly what he wanted! The plan was to get ready in Aspen in the morning, jump in his lifted jeep rental and drive up to the wedding deck in Aspen on a Thursday morning.

I can only say this so many times but…. THIS. WAS. A. FREAKING. DREAM!


These 2, for one, were so incredible and looked absolutely flawless. We totally had a blast four-wheeling up the side of the mountain, and had the entire deck to ourselves, which made for these INSANE views. I’m not sure i’ll ever come down from the high of being on top of the world. It still gets me, every time, every wedding…..Colorado is RAD.

So we did things a little different, which was so fun. We spent a few hours on top of the mountain, ya know, making magic and THEN we did their engagement session in town after they eloped!

It’s your wedding day – do whatever the heck you want! And really, I admire this idea. You should always be as smitten as you are engaged, as when you are married. SO we ran around Aspen, admiring some gorgeous fall colors, sitting in streets, and dancing on sidewalks. It was quite the elopement to remember.

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